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Greek Life Members Head to Greek Rank to Build Wholesome and Inclusive COVID-Safe Online Community


Photo (with edits by Danny Cooper) by Orchids love rainwater / CC BY 2.0          

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on all aspects of campus life. However, the famously loving and prudent Greek life community has not let that stopped them from creating safe spaces for their members to thrive. 

Fraternities have strayed away from their usual downtowns and basement parties in order to be COVID-safe – no one is taking this pandemic more seriously than these organizations. They’ve instead headed to the online platform Greek Rank – where members can chat about all things Greek at this amazing school.

The latest discourse has been heartwarming to watch unfold over the past few days. Fraternity members – who clearly have a lot of sex and many strong and supportive relationships with women in their lives – have been discussing how much they love a certain Off Campus Sorority. No incel vibes here! These men seem very tall and very handsome and not at all like insecure and likely short men who are afraid to speak to women in real life.

The site is also incredibly sex-positive – with each member careful to avoid regressive slut-shaming in their anonymous posts. Perusing the site will make any queer person or any woman excited to walk around this campus at night and not at all terrified of a group of ugly unmasked frat guys harassing them. 

There’s absolutely no dangerous or insanely terrifying ideas and opinions being shared on Greek Rank – it’s a purely wholesome community building with a discourse reminiscent of a respectful and conscientious Queer Literature Seminar. Penn students DO NOT need to walk around with pepper spray to take any swarms of incels off the streets. Baseball bats and tasers are also completely unnecessary!

The fraternities at this school continue to be beacons of love and light through the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re so excited to watch this virtual community thrive and grow in the coming weeks and to see their tender and affectionate energy reverberate through the Penn community.