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Innovative! This Introduction to Biology Class Will Be Making Cuts Each Lecture Until One Person Remains


Photo, with edits by Sammy Gordon, by University of Salford / CC BY 2.0

Professor Brian Bernstein's Introduction to Biology class might cover the most basic fundamentals of the discipline, but it is rated as the hardest available course at Penn. 

This impressive score is thanks, in part, to Bernstein's innovative strategy to make the class as difficult and stressful as possible: He will be making cuts each week, until just one student remains. 

"It's important to weed out students who want to become biology majors. I also think it's important to destroy any sense of hope they might have. Introduction to biology courses, we all know, are gateway drugs into pre-med. And if there's anything the world doesn't need more of right now, it's doctors."

Students in the class vary in their responses to this strategy, from normal first years who hate the system to freaks who are obsessed with competition.