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QUIZ: How Many Shots Would It Take UTB To Hook Up With You?


Photo by John Iwanski/Flickr // CC BY-NC 2.0

1. How tall are you??

A: 6'1
B: 6'3
C: 7'0
D: 4'8

2. How would you describe your general shape?

A: Thumb
B: Nail head
C: The perfect male body
D: Short :(

3. What's your regular fit?

A: Republican
B: Bestie vibes only
D: Bland

4. Which cartoon character do you look like?

A: Jimmy Neutron
B: Bart
C: Johnny Bravo
D: Tweety Bird

5. Can I bring you home to my mom and dad?

A: Most likely
B: Yes
C: Probably not
D: I'm too short to make it to this stage

6. Cuteness level?

A: Probs cuter in person
B: Cute, not hot
C: Cutesy
D: Looks bland

7. Play any sports?

A: Soccer
B: Basketball
C: I'm a REAL football man
D: Hockey