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Good for Her! Stephanie Dating Actual Homosexual Man


Photo by Sammy Gordon / unaffiliated with Daily Pennsylvanian

Stephanie was excited to introduce her new boyfriend to her besties. She sat them down for brunch and told them, “He’s a total hunk, you guys. Hot, smart, and gay — the full package.”

One of her friends said, “What was that? He’s gay?” but before Stephanie could answer, Danny approached the table, wearing head-to-toe Urban Outfitters clearance rack. 

“What’s up, girlies?” Danny said. 

Stephanie was excited for her gal pals to get to know Danny. They don’t have sex, but that’s not really important. The closest they get is giving each other facials. 

Stephanie’s decision to date a real-life gay man comes with a recent trend of women dating gay men. They find the twinkiest, most stereotypically gay men, then parade them around as unproblematic life partners. 

“Men who are attracted to women can be acceptable, but they’re just not worth the risk” says Stephanie. “I love logging onto Grindr and just seeing what I can dig my teeth into.”