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Ban on Mansplaining Temporarily Lifted for Super Bowl Weekend


Photo by WikiImages / CC0

Despite the year’s setbacks, the Football club (?) has moved forward with the time-honored, yearly tradition of Super Bowl Sunday. As shown through an abundance of evidence over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from enough to force Americans to abandon their beloved national past-times. 

Gathering with friends and family during this time can be a stressful, dangerous affair during these unprecedented times. However, one can retain some semblance of normalcy by leaning on their male loved ones to explain how this bizarre sport operates.

The rules make no sense, they don’t seem to be playing half the time, and the outfits look funny. Football is clearly a male-brained activity and prominent feminist groups have gathered to announce that mansplaining, just this once, will not be prohibited. In a victory for dudes everywhere, their girlfriends will be forced to endure them talking at length about the intricacies of various plays and maneuvers. However, moving forward feminist groups have reiterated that this reprieve does not apply to discussions about the stock market.