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Wendell Pritchett Not Mad, Just Disappointed


Picture by Julia Ellis and Penn Law

 After sending both the text and email scolding the students of Penn for the recent Covid breaks, Wendell came to tuck the students in for the night. As he sat at the edge of their bed he told them that he wasn’t actually mad at them, just disappointed. He knew that they were bright, good kids but that he expected more from them. The students explained how hard the past year has been, and how they no longer wished to have consequences for their actions. Wendell knew that they were just misguided rugrats that needed a little love and support to stop them from killing the innocent people in West Philly. 

While Amy Guttman wants to send all the students to their rooms and ground all of them, Wendell wants to give them another chance. “Give them until the end of the week Amy, I promise I can get them to turn their act around. I promise they just need to be parented a little and I’ll fix it.” 

While Wendell isn’t mad just yet, if he can’t motivate the students to show basic human empathy, he thinks that he might have to side with Amy on the grounding. He just hates for his students to see him as the bad guy. Poor thing!