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OP-ED: Penn Greek Life Spreading COVID-19 Is Dismissive Towards Those in the Philadelphia Community That Failed To Get Bids

Photo by Ben+Sam // CC BY-SA 2.0

With Penn’s fraternities and sororities continuing on as normal, members of the West Philadelphia community are outraged by their apparent disregard for the community at large, and rightfully so.

Long-time local resident Sheryl Connor appeared to suggest that it was irresponsible for Greek life to do what it’s doing.

“It’s kind of crazy if you ask me. Fifty-plus undergraduates all in one room with no masks on just shows the level of disregard Penn as an institution has for us. I mean I really put my all into getting a bid from Oats or Si, but apparently that doesn’t matter to Penn students,” she said. “It’s disrespectful towards those in the Philadelphia community who have always been hospitable towards these kids and literally can’t even get into an invite-only rush event. It’s bullshit.”

For local resident Brad Moss, the issue hits even closer to home. He lives with his mother, and because she is old, she is in a high risk group for covid. This fact makes it all the more prescient what Penn Greek life is doing.

“I’m worried about her health and safety, and the partying and the covid spread is making our situation so much worse because she is so distraught over not being able to get a bid. She hasn’t even gotten past the first week of rush, and for them to be having a good time together not only puts my mother in jeopardy, it’s dangerous to her feelings,” Moss said.

Penn Greek life has been known to push the envelope and do things that would get them in trouble, but amidst a global pandemic, to party and act like everything’s normal excludes the West Philadelphia community, their worst crime of all.