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Pandemic? Quarantine? It's 2019: Let's Get Some Shake Shack


Photo by Hello myguide / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Woah, are you okay man? That looked like a pretty nasty fall back there, but I’m glad you’re alright! Geez Louise, don’t scare me like that, bro.

Yeah, you were out for a couple minutes, why?

Umm… pandemic? What on Earth are you talking about? Dude — forget about it. It’s 2019! Let’s just get some Shake Shack or something! And maybe later on we could see Us and then hop on Skype for a group video call! How does that sound?

What is this “COVID-19” you keep going on about, my main man? You know I’m not into Digimon.

Look — I don’t have any surgical masks on me right now, so stop asking. Can you just chill out for a minute and let the carefree, idyllic vibes of 2019 wash over you? God golly.

See? It’s okay. Just take a nice, big bite of that dripping Shackburger. Let the intimate ambiance of a sit-in restaurant bring you the ease and comfort you so desperately need.

Wanna have a sip of my salted caramel shake? That’s right, there ya go, pal! Seems like you finally loosened up, eh?

Hey dude, what's wrong? You're... looking kinda pale again.

Oh, I see... you’ve gotta go now. No worries, that’s cool.

Until we meet again, broski...

until we meet again...