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Guy Who Played Penn Masala Song During Make Out Session Not Even in Penn Masala


Photo by Julian Gottfried / The Daily Princetonian

One salacious Saturday night, Stephanie Lopez (C’23) met up with some guy (E’22). After some standard flirting and walking around, the two decided to go back to said guy’s place off campus. The two engaged in some lightly conversations about music and their shared enthusiasm for Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Dua Lipa. 

Upon returning to said guy’s residence, the guy adjusted the lighting in his room and put on some Neo-Soul playlist. Soon, the two started making out. Lopez hopped on said guy’s body. Guy asked Lopez if she wanted to come to bed, to which she nodded. Erykah Badu was playing in the background. The two carried on with some super-hot kissing and touching.

At one point, the guy stopped his motion and whispered into the air: “Alexa, play Musafir by Penn Masala.” The Amazon smart voice assistant started playing the first track, “The Udit Narayan Mix,” of the a cappella group’s latest album, Musafir (2021). The two lost themselves in the sensual tunes of this South Asian college A Cappella group.

An album’s duration later, Lopez and the guy concluded their nocturnal hijinks. The guy walked Lopez back to her dorm. 

Lopez looked up Penn Masala on the internet to find out what their deal was. After some standard digging, she realized that the guy she made out with earlier tonight was nowhere to be found in the group’s roster. 

“I guess he was just like a huge fan of the group or something…” wondered Lopez, “which is understandable because their music are boppers. I did also notice sweatshirts, posters, shot glasses, and mugs with Penn Masala’s logo around his room.”