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5 Signs Your Asynchronous Professor Is Secretly Into You

Photo by Photo4jenifer with edits // CC BY-ND 2.0

We’ve all been there. You’re in an asynchronous lecture and you start to feel something. Is ... is my professor into me? Are they hitting on me right now? Here are five ways to determine if your suspicions are in fact accurate.

1. They address their points towards you

This is a telltale sign that your professor desperately longs for your companionship. If they say something like, “What you need to understand about problem number four is that it deals with aerodynamics vs quantum mechanics”, the message is clear and the sexual tension is at a peak. They’re addressing “you”. You’re the apple of their eye. They’re teaching a class of forty, and YOU are the only one they want to speak to.

2. They tell you to email them after class with “questions”

If this happens, you’re for sure going to nail your professor. They’re basically asking you to stay late, maybe turn the lights low, and finish off that hot lecture about physics with a tasty email nightcap. They want to spend more time with you, just you, and they have no inhibitions about saying it in front of the rest of the students in the class.

3. They say they wish class could be in-person

Online class has its advantages, but your professor doesn’t care. They just want to be with you, in-person, and they’d give up all the asynchronous luxuries and privileges in the world if it meant they could be in the same room with you for a second, let alone a semester.

4. They go past when they said they’d end the lecture

Your professor just can’t get enough of you. They know they need to let go, to finish the class, but they can’t. They waited with baited breath all week to be able to speak to you and they can’t stop, they won’t, because if they did, that means more time spent without your engagement, your technological embrace. The “material” they didn’t get to “finish up” was staring into your eyes deeply, longingly.

5. You fail their test

So you take the test they’ve assigned you, and you’ve failed it. You think, “Oh wow, maybe they weren’t really into me. That test was impossible.” Wrong. You didn’t fail that test because the professor doesn’t care about you or because you zoned out during every asynchronous lecture. You failed because your professor wants you back in their class. They’re thinking, “Our time is so short together, and I have but no way to continue with it. I need them to fail my class so that way maybe, just maybe, they’ll have to take it again.”