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Spring Stay? More Like Spring Slay


Photo by the Daily Pennsylvanian / Graphic by Sonia Feil

Hey besties!

Just wanted to check in on you all after such a restful Spring Break Stay Slay <3 All I saw this Wednesday and Thursday was hot girl moments up and down Locust and in “outdoor dining” areas ;), so I’m sure you’re all doing just as great as I am.

Speaking of, I am just feeling so refreshed and ready to get back on the grind! Honestly, I feel like the break was a little bit too long if you know what I mean… like for a second there I almost stopped thinking about the ten midterm assignments I have to turn in by Monday, and that would have been sooooo embarrassing.

ALSO, omg, I don’t even know if I’m allowed to be telling you this, like legally, but I’m pretty sure I hit peak slay on Thursday when I took a timer pic next to the button in my free La Casa Latina T-shirt. That moment alone gave me enough energy to bang out a quick asynchronous assignment — a light and relaxing two hours, just like my professor said it would be!

Whew, girl I am exhausted. There’s only so much Spring Slay I can keep up with before I have to retreat to my dorm and unwind with a couple of 1500 word essays. I am so looking forward to another 5-day week — especially after losing an hour of sleep or, as I like to say, gaining an hour of study time.

Slay on besties!

Your friend and classmate,

Amee Guzmann