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Freshman With Commitment Issues Skips Advance Registration

Photo by Amjad Hamza Credit: Amjad Hamza

Advance Registration is currently happening, but not for flaky freshman Steve Buckwell. 

Steve decided not to register in advance for any classes because he struggles with commitment. “I didn’t want to be tied down with these 4.5 credits for that long, you know?”

Steve said. “My longest relationship was two months but Penn wants me to pick classes four months in advance, crazy.” Said relationship apparently culminated in hand-holding over Zoom.

For most people, Advance Registration is a chance to lock in classes they know they want to take next semester but Steve isn’t ready for that kind of emotional investment: “Are URBS 078 and I really that tight? I don’t think so.” He plans to finalize his entire schedule the day before the add deadline in September to keep his options as open as possible. 

When UTB pointed out Steve would be free to drop classes even if he registered for them in advance Steve visibly flinched at the thought of such psychological scarring.