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Johnson and Johnson Relieved They Took This Class Pass/Fail

Photo by Amjad Hamza Credit: Amjad Hamza


It has been a tough semester for Johnson and Johnson but pass/fail will save the day.

After Professor Cedesee gave them an incomplete for the final project last week Johnson and Johnson thought they might actually fail the class but Cedesee allowed them a second try on the assignment so JnJ will likely scrape a C+.

JnJ came into the semester knowing Wendell had given them the option to take any class pass/fail but were confident they could swing an A in VACC101. It was only a 2.7 difficulty on Penn Course Review and JnJ knew a few people in the class who could carry them if necessary. 

But things quickly went downhill after the professor announced the class was curved. Star students Pfizer and Moderna scored 95 on the first midterm while JnJ bombed to a 70. Forced to swallow their pride, JnJ panic-switched to pass/fail the night of the deadline. 

The good news is JnJ placed out of VACC102 so they will finish the sequence well before Pfizer and Moderna, albeit with a bruised ego.