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I Left My Mic Unmuted for a Week. This Is What Happened. *Life Changing*


Photo by Meresa García // The Daily Pennsylvanian

I had trouble sleeping the night before this challenge of mine was supposed to begin. I tossed and turned. Peed and panicked. What will people think?. What will my professors think? Will I seem too eager, too excited? Thankfully my second melatonin pill began to kick in before I could worry any more about the obstacles I would face ahead. 

I woke up wired and ready to go for my first class of the day. I logged onto BIO 101 and in front of 300 or so people, I unmuted myself. It was a big step. Okay, a scary step. No, I didn’t say anything, but it didn’t matter. I was on full display for the whole world to hear. Any little burp, sneeze, fart, or snide remark, their ears were at the ready. To be quite honest, I almost gave up. My finger hovered over that microphone button with the burning desire to mute myself once and for all. But I didn’t give up! Quitting was not an option! 

Only three more classes left for that day. The week, however, brought more lectures, recitations, and the awfully dread break out rooms. But it didn’t matter. I had already fought my way through the first one. The hardest step was over. 

Some people were shocked by the brazen and bold move. My classmates would private message me over the Zoom chat warning me that I was muted. I let out a hearty chuckle (which of course everyone in MGMT 238 heard) as I typed back: I know! 

Once, my professor e-mailed me, worried that “I may be crying out for help” and perhaps “in need of attention”. He kindly attached the CAPs hotline, but no need Professor! I had found my voice! 

So to anyone reading this, go ahead, make the move. Unmute yourself! Enter that Zoom class with audio turned out. No more am I a scared and timid girl. Now, I am a fierce and powerful woman who has come into her own. Hear me roar.