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Introducing Over the Button — Highbrow Humor For Intellectuals

Photos by Matthew Frank, OpenClipart-Vectors, and Conner O'Malley / Public Domain

Under the Button has been around for a while now, and with it, a legacy of chaos, disruption, and overall buffoonery. But not for long. Today, I am excited to introduce Over the Button, a humor publication for high-minded elites.

If you’ve read Under the Button, you know that they have a tendency to look down on OUR president, Amy Gutmann. We at Over the Button say enough's enough. Instead of headlines like “Amy Gutmann Caught Eating Horseshit Out of a Plow”, we’ll do headlines that are facetious in nature, yet accurate in their characterization. For example, our lead headline today is “Amy Gutmann Saves Baby in Burning Building While Also Managing to Feed, Clothe, and Shelter All Future Penn Sophomores”. It is supposed to be funny, yes, but it also tells an accurate story of what Penn’s president is truly like.

Furthermore, Under the Button has helped a generation of Penn students have misinterpretations of the standing and caliber of different groups. They run headlines like, “Wharton Students Steal Money and Do Bad Things Because They Mean”. UTB willingly misrepresents the most valuable members of Penn’s undergraduate body for no reason whatsoever. But not if Over the Button has anything to say about it. At OTB, we’ll run headlines such as, “Wharton Students Form Business to Make Recyclable Bikes, Solve the Middle East In the Process.” Yes, the headline is satirical, but it paints a picture that better represents our university’s most noble students.

Instead of earning the disdain of Penn’s administratin like UTB does, OTB will win awards and garner praise for its highbrow and truth-telling nature. Overall, the publication will be better in every considerable way, and to be completely honest, you’d be an idiot to keep reading Under the Button any longer.