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OP-ED: Penn Students, Eat More Poke Bowls

Photo by Amjad Hamza Credit: Amjad Hamza

 Too many students at this university are eating too few poke bowls. It’s time that changes.

Hundreds if not thousands of students pass through Penn without once experiencing the wonder that is the poke bowl at Bento. No wonder people are so glum here. It is a meal for all seasons and moods and frankly, the $10 spent on it brings more happiness than the thousands of dollars in Penn tuition. 

For the uncultured among you, a poke bowl from Bento at Houston consists of rice, raw fish, edamame, seaweed,  avocado and cucumber. There is also a choice of sauce but the only valid option is the spicy sauce. If that description hasn’t inspired you to order a poke bowl, please seek help. 

This op-ed is written totally independent of Bento but if anyone at Bento is reading this, just know that I’m only a phone call away.