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Student Stumbles Upon New Species of Locust Walk Tree


Photo by Meresa García // The Daily Pennsylvanian

As Eva Sanchez strolled down Locust Walk, she stumbled upon a strange, yet spectacular sight she had yet to encounter during her time at Penn. She looked up at the white and pink flowers as they gently danced in the spring breeze. Blossoms? Perhaps, she wondered. She couldn’t say for sure.

The awestruck freshman looked for any identifying plaque, but was unable to find one nearby. Even a quick google search was ineffective at determining the name of this exquisite tree. Could it be, Sanchez wondered, that I’ve discovered something … new? As unbelievable as it sounded, she felt that it must be true. 

“I’m surprised no one has spotted these magnificent trees before,” remarked the Wharton freshman, “But luckily I did! Or else I’m sure they would have gone unnoticed!”

Feeling giddy over her novel find, Sanchez stared up at the blooming buds and decided everyone needed to know of her rare discovery. She uploaded a perfectly off-kilter photo of the tree with the caption: stumbled upon this unknown beauty … comment below what you think it might be! 

Looking around, the Penn student soon saw other trees with similar flowers! She remained mystified by the lack of recognition these breathtaking plants were receiving. How could anyone walk by these unidentified trees without stopping and at least taking a quick pic? 

Although still unsure of the species (she’s leaning towards Magnolias), Sanchez is proud to have come across the lone tree and wonders what other curiosities she might find on her daily Locust outings. She hears talk of a pond somewhere on campus, but still has yet to prove the rumors true.