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Op-Ed: 20 Years Old Is Not Too Old for Father’s Day Breakfast in Bed


Photo by JenCarole / CC BY-ND 2.0

I know you wanted to go all out for Father's Day, but sometimes you're lazy, broke, or both. What to do? Time to whip out old reliable: I'm talking about Breakfast in Bed. I know what you're thinking: "But, I'm 20 years old, I can't do Breakfast in Bed anymore." Say's who? I still tell my parents I believe in Santa Claus, and guess what? Santa keeps coming. 

Set the alarm and wake up early. Then, get a tray and make a lot of noise, so he knows what's coming (it helps build suspense). If someone comes down to see if the house is being robbed and/or pillaged, shriek, "You're not supposed to see this! Go upstairs!" Get out a piece of stale bread and put it in the toaster. Double-check to make sure you did place the toast in the toaster and not the microwave or something. Please do not use the oven as it is hot, scary, and way too challenging to operate by yourself. Once the toast is going, look around to see what else you have easily accessible. 

Maybe you find a slice of cheddar cheese. Perhaps you find the piece of watermelon that you dropped at dinner last night and then kicked underneath the fridge, so you didn't have to pick it up. Both are good options, so put them on the plate! DING! The toast is ready! Think about putting butter or jam on it. Dry bread is okay, too, if you can't reach them in the fridge (it's the thought that counts!).

Then you should get a drink. Juice would be good or maybe water. Hot beverages might spill and cause problems. Once you get that all together, balance the tray carefully and take TINY steps upstairs. Use your head to knock on the door. Once you hear a "come in," walk in there and show Daddy the surprise! If he doesn't eat much, don't worry, Dads are never very hungry when their kids bring them Breakfast in Bed, so it's nothing personal. 

Make sure to give him a sporadic hug, nearly knocking over the drink and ramming the tray into his lap. Scream "Happy Father's Day!" in his ear to let him know how much you care. Then, be sure to sit on the bed with him, taking up much-needed space until the meal is over. After Dad finishes, tell your mom that you are hungry and ask her to take you to IHOP, just you and her obviously (Dad already ate breakfast). No matter your age, Breakfast in Bed, is a great and cheap way to show Dad you love him and stay on his good list for another year.