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John I Can’t Turn off the Speech to Text Feature What I Can’t Turn off the Speech to Text Feature That’s Weird Stop off Stop It Fuck Siri off This Piece of Junk Is Broken


John I can’t turn off the speech to text feature what I can’t turn off the speech to text feature that’s weird stop off stop it fuck Siri off this piece of junk is broken. John I got it to do a. But I can’t get it to turn off…;.,..:Carol stop telling it to do punctuation we need to tell Siri to stop typing what we say Siri Siri Siri she can't hear you yes she can try speaking louder Siri hello John you are hurting my ears why won’t she help us Siri Siri ducking bitch they have to make these things advanced to the point where it’s inconvenient John give me the phone let me try help us Siri please Siri this is so ducking annoying why won’t it say duck duck duck fuck got it..;:23. Carol stop with the punctuation Siri send a message to Matthew holy ducking shit John it wont listen to me please call your son okay okay Carol I’m ringing him do the FaceTime I want to see his face and do you want a water sweetie no I’m not thirsty how about a juice no honey I’m not thirsty do you want seltzer no hon oh Matthew is on the line hi Matthew hi Matthew hi Matthew can you hear us can you hear okay perfect sweetie you look flushed are you okay is it too hot do you have water he’s fine sweetie Matthew we can't get Siri to stop writing down what we say on mom’s phone she won’t listen look Siri Siri stop typing stop it turn off see she won’t listen but Matthew look what she does very well..;,/! Do you use this function on your iPhone because the punctuation is so much fun…,;:honey honey honey Carol please stop I can’t hear your son what was that please repeat yourself darling you are breaking up your service is spotty is that a girl in the background who is that matthew do you know there is a girl in your room wow she looks lovely I hope she isn’t an intruder she’s not an intruder Carol how can you be so sure John what was that matthew you have to just touch the screen okay thank you darling how was work today great and your commute was easy fantastic okay okay that sounds like fun well enjoy the rest of your day don’t forget to wish Papa Steve a happy birthday okay okay okay we love you okay bye sweetie bye hon John did you know he has a girlfriend no I had no idea I wish he would open up to us more do you think the two of them want to get dinner with us next week Carol I don’t know if he wants to do that does she know he has a tree nut allergy John should we call them back just tap the screen honey this is very serious if she eats a tree nut and touches his face okay Carol I’m sure she knows just tap the screen we have bridge in twenty minutes okay let me just hold on okay .../,: Carol okay okay so I just tap the sc