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Woke King! This Guy’s Type Is Ivy-League Educated Women of Color

Photo by Tobyotter / CC BY 2.0

Wow! This white guy from Princeton, NJ, doesn't date any women that are white or don't attend an Ivy League University! Isn't that so great!

Ben Altman graduated from Brown two years ago with a Bachelor's Degree in History. Upon relocating to Princeton, this little Casanova has been seeing loads and loads of women in the area. His most recent girl was a Korean American Princeton sophomore. Before that, Altman pondered a serious relationship with a Cornell grad who was half Turkish. Before that one, he also briefly dated a South African girl on an exchange program at Columbia. This white man is truly doing the work. 

According to his best friend and longtime roommate, Joey Garcia, Altman has been busy on popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. What a king! Hats off to Ben for putting himself out there!

"He would bring many different girls back to our place. I honestly couldn't keep track," reported Garcia. According to him, Altman's new favorite app is Hinge. "Apparently you can select the races of the people you want to see on there."