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Op-Ed: Next UPenn President Must Work to Lower Ketamine Prices in Philadelphia


Photo by Financial Times / CC BY-ND 2.0

While Gutmann has made many important contributions to Penn, one of her most significant failures was her refusal to address the skyrocketing prices of recreational ketamine at the university and the greater Philadelphia community.

“This is something that plagues students, professors, and Philadelphia community members alike,” said Kayla Welsh, president of Penn’s undergraduate assembly. “First, Penn contributed to the gentrification of our city, and now we’re committing to the gentrification of our drugs?”

A gram of recreational ketamine, which was sold for a mere nickel on Locust Walk back in 1970, now goes for at least $300, and that’s only if you supplement your dealer with a blowie. Many highly-aided students cannot afford this high price point - leaving them way less fucked up than their privileged peers.

"As UA President, I ran on a platform of equality and inclusion, which is why I'm calling on the next President of the university to choose progress and make k-holes accessible for all!" Shouted Kayla before dissociating.