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OP-ED: Frats Suck — Not Your Frat Though, Haha Noooo, You Guys Are Fine


It’s time for us to reckon with the reality of fraternities. Misogyny, homophobia, racism, and violence are insidiously embedded in fraternity culture, with frats continuously displaying egregious behavior without repercussion — largely due to the vast amount of social capital they hold on college campuses. Fraternities wield power and posses privilege that creates an unsafe environment for all. 

Not your frat though! 

Yeah lol, all that stuff I was saying about frat bros employing violence as a mechanism to assert masculinity obviously doesn’t apply to your frat since your members happen to be my friends. Haha dw, you guys are chill. 

Definitely more of an issue with other frats who I’m unfamiliar with, and not an issue with any of the ones I am — which is awesome! So when I make those general statements about fraternities, you guys don’t have to worry because I’m specifically excluding you. Tbh, it’s the culture of fraternities that are the problem. And sure, your fraternity sort of inherently contributes to that very culture, but I’m gonna let it slide because I was planning on going to your late night on Friday. That’s still happening right? Can’t wait.