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Quiz: Is The 52-Year-Old Man In Your PSCI Class Conservative, Liberal, or Beardless Seth Rogen?


Photos (with edits) from Flickr/CC BY 2.0, Instagram/Seth Rogen, Pixabay/CC2.0

1. What was your knee-jerk reaction to seeing this man walk into class?

A: Wow, that's a lot of red, white and blue
B: Wow, those jeans are really tight
C: Wow, that kinda looks like that guy from The Interview but something is soooo off

2. Which catchphrase is his go-to?

A: "Just to play Devil's advocate…"
B: "It's just human decency"
C: "Huhuhuhuhuhuh"

3. What kind of facial hair does he have?

A: Harley Davidson beard
B: Soul patch
C: You know… now that you mention it, none!

4. Where is he from?

A: "America"
B: Seattle
C: Vancouver

5. Which combo best describes him?

A: Loud and scary
B: Informed and fruity
C: Aloof and beardless

6. Weed?

A: "You mean marihuana? Reefer madness??"
B: "…should be legalized! Or decriminalized? Idk the difference really"
C: "You want some? Huhuhuhuhuh"