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Queer King: My Roommate Just Came Out as 'Sapiosexual'


Photo by Medical News Today with Edits by Jackson Parli

As a part of the LGBTQ+ community, inclusion is very important to me. That’s why when my roommate, Cameron Schleating (W ‘22) recently told me he was “sapiosexual” (attracted to intelligent people), I wasn’t afraid to welcome him into the queer community. 

Coming out is a huge deal and I’ve been doing my best to support him. First, I called his parents and his girlfriend to let them know that their son was queer now. Then, I bought him a cute little pair of briefs that said "daddy's boy" on the ass. Finally, I spray painted his door with the words “a queer lives here” just so he doesn’t forget. 

Anyway if any of Cameron’s extended family, frat brothers, or employers see this, then be sure to wish Cam a hearty congratulations for being queer AF!