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"Social Media is Bad for You," Says Most Boring Person Ever


Caitlin Smith, a history major in The College, isn’t afraid to tell you that social media is bad for you. Smith has been known to dramatically post about deactivating her social media accounts with captions like “Social media is so bad for you. Taking time to cleanse.” or “Social media is fake. Going to live my real life.”

“Yeah, I’ve had social media before.” Smith told us, “It’s like…so bad for you. Social media just isn’t good for you. Like, for your brain. Once I looked at social media and I was like...uh this is so bad for me. Have you ever seen The Social Dilemma on Netflix? It’s all about how bad social media is. It’s actually so terrible for you. It causes...um… eating disorders and terrorism.”

Smith recounted a traumatic story of when she knew she had to stand up against America’s rampant social media problem. “One time, I saw a baby with an iPad. I cried and threw up for three days. It was so sad.” 

While Smith doesn’t use “social media”, she does own an iPhone and spends hours a day on TikTok because, “it’s so funny...it like barely counts as social media anyway.”

Besides her beliefs about social media, Smith spends time following people around at parties and telling them that alcohol isn’t good for their liver.