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If Wharton Students Are Competent, Why Do They Have Seating Charts?


Screenshot from DreamWorks Animation's Boss Baby

 Wharton students are cutthroat, competitive, and cunning. They walk around in suits, talking about JP Morgan and how to hurt the poor. At least, it seems that’s how they think of themselves, true to their inherently narcissistic nature.  

If big bad Wharton students are all that they think they are, why do they have seating charts? What is this, Boss Baby? As a grown adult, you walk into your 70 person lecture, and let a professor actually choose where you sit. 

Wharton has actually seen such success with their seating charts that they are publishing some new classroom policies. In Wharton classes, you now have to raise your hand when you have to use the bathroom, and at the end of the semester if you get good grades you can go to the scholastic book fair. If success is seen with these programs, they might even introduce snack and nap time for these business moguls. 

Life is hard at Wharton, you’re not babied and no one is there to hold your hand. Remember that as you walk over to your assigned seat in a classroom that banned all technology.