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REPORT: Professor Is Cool Because He Says “Fuck” a Lot

Photo by Justin McDaniel

According to recent research published by Wolf Humanities Center at the University of Pennsylvania, professor is cool because he says the word “fuck” at a high frequency in class. 

Professor is known for his unconventional pedagogical style and his singular devotion to world’s greatest literature. But more than that, he is deemed an inimitable professor also because of his habitual usage of the popular curse word, “fuck.” Recent statistics set the rate at which he says the word at a whopping 78 times per class. Professor also boasts a versatile range of usage of the word, using it as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and sometimes even adverbs. Whenever professor uses the word “fuck” to convey emotions or to bring home a point, he always elicits an uproarious laughter from his pupils

Readers will surely find that professor totally passes the vibe check. At the end of the day, if professor lame, why professor say “fuck?”