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OP-ED: The "W" on My Transcript Stands for Winner


Photo by Grace Ginsburg

Fuck yes! Today I was awarded a super special little mark on my report card— one that sets me apart from all my fellow students. A sweet, sweet little "W" to signify how awesome I am. I know what you're thinking. But Grace! Doesn't a W stand for Withdra- SILENCE! You're wrong. And shut up. That awesome letter actually stands for Winner! 

It also stands for:

  • Worker (hard worker with good grades)
  • Wow! that girl is good at school
  • Wealthy? That's what she is going to be post grad (due to her academic success 
  • Whatever! I don't even need to see her grades due to how good they are 
  • grace did all of her homeWork 
  • i Wish i could be as smart as her 
  • a pluWs 
  • honors Wscholar
  • wwwwwwWWWWWWw