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Bitch, You’re My Soulmate: Gutmann and Magill Spotted Together at Euphoria Watch Party


Photo from Creative Commons / CC0

As the Penn community awaits Magill taking over Gutmann’s presidency, many have assumed that tensions between the two women are high. These people are sorely mistaken—the only thing getting high is them! 

Gutmann and Magill were spotted over the weekend at a watch party for the HBO Max hit television series Euphoria, which recently began releasing episodes of its second season. At the watch party, both women were spotted partaking in a game of “pill roulette,” in which a mixture of pills are placed into a cup and the guests take turns taking unknown substances.

Gutmann got the short end of the stick, claiming to only have received Tylenol and half of an adderall. However, according to Magill, “both Amy and I were hallucinating on some sort of medicine with the letter ‘x’ on the tablet.”

Sounds like ecstasy to me, Magill! 

Several guests at the watch party noted that Magill and Gutmann proceeded to run around the room and do a strip tease while repeatedly arguing over who was Jules and who was Rue. This seemed to be a large issue at the party, as both of these women traided their traditional attire for costumes in honor of the show. However, both Gutmann and Magill showed up wearing outfits inspired by the same character—Jules. Gutmann traded her traditional pantsuit for a “sequined two-piece that just really shows off the girls,” she confesses in an Under the Button interview.

Magill, unfortunately, had the same idea. However, Magill fell prey to the infamous nip slip, and showed off a little more of the girls than she wanted to. Good thing both women were too tripped out on ecstasy to notice!

Regardless of the watch party events of the past weekend, students are ecstatic at the shared interest in the popular tv show. In an effort to get to know students, Magill has recently used this connection to announce that she will host a school wide Euphoria watch party and pill roulette for the Penn community, adding that only she is allowed to dress as Jules.