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OP-ED: Hear Me Out, Some Classes Need to Be Virtual


Screenshot by Ian Ong

I know that there has been a push for in-person classes, but not all in-person opportunities are equal. Some say that being in-person is vital for actually learning, but not enough studies have been done on the effect of in-person learning on my mental health. There are tons of classes that need to be virtual for sanity’s sake. Because at the end of the day, it’s true, some classes can just be videos. 

What type of classes should be virtual? 

  1. Any class before noon. 
  2. Any class where the TA is ugly.
  3. Any class when it's under 32 degrees outside.
  4. Any class where you have to sit in the front row.
  5. Any class that bans laptops and tablets because “writing improves memory.”
  6. Any class that’s more than 0.5 miles from your dorm or apartment.
  7. Any class when you’re hungover.
  8. Any class that has required readings (that you did or did not do).
  9. Any class you have to climb stairs to get to.
  10. Any class after 5pm.
  11. Any class when you’re hungry.
  12. Any class in DRL.
  13. Any class when it rains.
  14. Any Friday class.
  15. Any Monday class.
  16. Any class with an exam.
  17. Any class specifically on presentation day.
  18. Any class longer than 80 minutes.
  19. Any class where the professor has said the words “growth mindset.”
  20. Any class with a professor that curves down.

Needless to say, taking a class pass/fail should override any in-person requirements in all cases.