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New Prez Magill to Go By ‘L-Dawg’ to Get Down With the Kids


Yo wassup pennsters. 

Its yo gal L-Dawg here introducin myself to the homies. 

Yo shizzle.

These years finna be swag y’all. I be comin from VA but chile PA seemin dope af. 

Now heres the tea sis. 

I a lil’ hangry cos i aint been to a rager in a hot sec and i dont wanna seem like a karen so heres whats up.

L-Dawg’s 3 Fire Commandments

  1. When i come to my inauguration y’all gonna yell “Yas she snatched” three times and “Lit Gucci GOAT’ four times.
  2. Not to flex, but i got hella doctorates. So you might ship me with ‘prez’ or ‘miss liz’ but its sus if you dont call me ‘prez doc L-dawg’.
  3. Now if y’all tryin a get turnt sloshed or smashed thats y’alls choice homie but i dont wanna see any of it when i be strollin down this locust path i now own. jk fam lmao. if i see anythin or hear any dope tracks drop i’ll be happy y’all throwin down. This be college 

so LMIRL pennsters this gonna slap