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Steady, Incompressible, Non-Viscous: Your Ideal Boyfriend, or Bernoulli’s Equation for Fluid Dynamics?


 Photo by mattythedog  

In the expansive world of fluid dynamics, fluid flow can occasionally be idealized by Bernoulli's Equation, which statesp + 0.5(ρV^2) + ρgh must be constant along a streamline, where p is pressure, ρ is the density, V is the flow velocity, g is the acceleration due to gravity, and h is height. However, this equation can also be used to generalize the ideal boyfriend. In order for a flow to be idealized by the equation, the flow must be:

  • Steady, which means that the fluid flow rate is constant. Similarly, a boyfriend that follows Bernoulli’s Equation would be steady, reliable, and constant along any path of the streamline.
  • Incompressible, which means that the fluid is not able to be compressed by the flow. Usually, it is appreciated that romantic partners are not compressible.
  • Non-viscous, which means that the flow has unvarying density and can be assumed to not suffer energy loss from internal friction. This is typically a good trait for humans to have in the bedroom as well.