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This Dumbass Misspelled Pennslynavia on Their Resume


Photo By Matt Moloney / CC0 1.0

After submitting his resume to companies where he hopes to sell his soul, Wharton Junior, Pret Entious, realized that he had misspelled “University of Pennsylvania” as “University of Pennslynavia”.

“I was reading my resume over again after I submitted just to give myself more of an ego boost, as one does,” said Entious. “But then I noticed it. I had misspelled Pennsylvania.”

In the Education section of his resume, right before his Experience section bloated with trivial and inflated experiences from a vague internship to leadership of a defunct club, the great state of Pennsylvania was misspelled. 

“I’m so sad and mad”, said Entious. “Now that they see that my Crayon-eating brain can’t even spell the state correctly, I’ll never be able to sell my soul to dream companies like McKinsey, Bain, and Boston Conslutting Group.”