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Campus in Agreement: Shameless Plug Actually Pretty Shameful


Photo by Jirka Matousek / CC 2.0

Last Thursday, rising senior Harry Cox plugged his club’s upcoming fundraiser in a group chat. Cox began the message by calling it a “shameless plug.” 

Members of the Penn community who were in the chat have expressed their opinions on the issue:

Senior Mike Rotchburns said the message was “kinda annoying.”

Junior Phil Accio said he said he doesn’t like when people “pollute” his chats. 

Senior Pat Myaz said he was “ashamed” to be at a school with students who have “so little regard for others.”

Linguistics professor Anita Hanjaab said the message was a “gross,” “disgusting,” and “vile” attempt to redefine the meaning of “shameless.”

Vietnam War Veteran A.S. Muncher said the message was the most horrific thing he had ever witnessed. 

Local priest Vye Brator said she no longer believes in God.

President of the Young Republicans club Eileen Ulick said the message turned her into a Bernie supporter. 

Junior Clee Torres said she lost so much faith in humanity that she traveled across Philadelphia to take back every dollar she had ever given to a homeless person. 

Sophomore Wilma Fingerdoo said the message made her throw away her phone, stop using technology, and join an Amish community in central Pennsylvania. 

Freshman Dixon Kuntz said he was so upset that he moved out of the country, renounced his American citizenship, became a spy for the Russian government, and began planning an invasion of Ukraine. 

To calm the concerns of those in the Penn community and pat down controversy caused by his “shameless plug,” Cox asked that we remind everyone that the proceeds of his club’s fundraiser will go to the Trump 2024 campaign.