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Progressive! Frats Host Anti-women’s Suffrage Fundraiser, Claiming They “Don’t Want Women to Suffer Anymore”


Photo from Pixabay / Pixabay License / CC0

Time and time again we have seen the overt sexism, prejudice, and womanizing behavior that plagues fraternity life nationwide. It is an issue across the country, and there are countless stories of the sexism faced by college women. However, things are different here at Penn. In fact, Penn fraternities have never ever had any instance of sexism literally ever. I am definitely not being held hostage in a frat house basement right now being forced to write this article. Wink wink. Someone please save me. 

Anyways, back to the article. Penn fraternities have announced a new fundraiser to combat the stigma surrounding greek life and its association with sexist behavior. The fundraiser, which all on and off campus fraternities will be participating in, will be raising money to combat women’s suffrage.

UTB had the opportunity to interview director of fraternity life, College senior Alex Johnson, on the upcoming fundraiser. “It is a great opportunity to support such a horrible thing taking place in the world,” Johnson stated. “We know this fundraiser won’t completely eradicate women’s suffrage, but we hope it is a step in the right direction.” Johnson shares the sentiments of many members of fraternity life at Penn, and they all have been very adamant on putting an end to women who suffer. Banners have begun to be strung across Locust sharing these sentiments, with sayings such as “No more suffering. Enough is enough.” and “come to Chouse for hot cocoa to help suffering women!” 

Thanks to this campus-wide fundraiser, Penn fraternities have been able to end women’s suffrage in multiple countries, including Canada, Mesopotamia, Texas, ancient Greece, and the USSR. It is such a refreshing and beautiful thing to see Penn students getting involved in political issues that are important to them, and we look forward to seeing the many strides taken to end women’s suffrage in the future. Perhaps one day, women won’t be able to vote in America, too! A girl can dream.