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Penn Club Initiatives: Have They Gotten Out of Hand?


Photo from Pixabay/ CC by 2.0

Penn Clubs recently approved the Penn Waxing Club.

This begs the question: is this really something that Ben Franklin would have wanted? 

The flier reads as follows:

Join the Penn Waxing club: Where we believe that a hairless Penn is a better Penn. We will be holding free tutorials in the Butcher/Speakman Gender Neutral Bathroom. Although admission is free, there will be limited capacity. Only the first 17 people to sign up will be guaranteed a spot.

After doing intensive research I found that history.com says that Ben Franklin did indeed have a beard. Therefore, I predict that the Penn Waxing Club is not something that Ben Franklin would have wanted.

The Penn Quidditch team has been a part of Penn Clubs for a few years now. But recently, they have gotten out of hand. The Penn Quidditch team hosted a clinic in Fairmount park. The hour and a half clinic was $80. Broomsticks were not provided. For $99 more students could participate in an intensive broom manufacturing class. But students were not eligible for this class if they hadn’t completed the Econ 001 and Econ 002 prerequisites.

I believe that no student should have to take Econ 001 or Econ 002 at Penn. I predict that the Econ department worked closely with the Penn Quidditch team to pull this stunt. But after doing some digging, I found that Anne Duchene and Luca Bossi are both direct descendants of Ben Franklin and realized that this prerequisite is definitely something that Ben Franklin would have wanted.