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Philanthropic! Penn Frats to Hold Annual Elephant Walk to Fundraise Local Sanctuary


In an attempt to raise money for a nearby elephant sanctuary, local fraternities have decided to take a stand and fundraise for elephants around the world. Created, for what some individuals claim, decades ago for pledge classes to become closer, this ancient fundraiser is the pinnacle of social philanthropy for many fraternities. Secret or not, many institutions around the nation have vowed to match whatever is earned as the social event is one of the greatest acts of benevolence known to man. Often referred to as “hole in one hand and chicken in the other” (although the cryptic code has never been deciphered), it's no wonder the long-standing fundraiser has caught the attention of hundreds of freshmen for so many years. 

Current sophomores who have recently finished pledging have said things like “it’ll have you sore for days” and “it really helped me come to terms with myself.” Although they didn’t get into the details of it all, it can only be assumed that the elephant walk is truly a handful of fun and fraternities everywhere should begin implementing this into their pledging rituals as well. 

Although no one really knows what the secret “elephant walk” entails, it's important to remember that all of this is in the spirit of relationship building and old fashion humanitarianism. If you want some more information on the fundraiser coming up, there are plenty of sources out there who have released valuable information and, the best part is it's all just a search away. We salute Penn’s fraternities for their valiant efforts to raise money for such a pressing issue and hope that many follow in their elephant walk footsteps.