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Donate! Sisters Fundraising for Sansom West Room Decor


As the movers unloaded her suitcases, Delta sister Emma Chaswell gasped in horror as she stared at what would be her home for the next two weeks. Sansom West was, to say the least, the most atrocious thing she had ever seen. God, where is all this from, Chaswell thought, Wayfair? 

When she sent photos to her sisters, they too were appalled by the plastic wheely chair and speckled tiled floors. Nothing about this room screamed beautiful or glamorous. Where was the reclaimed wooden coffee table? The William Sonoma bed frame? The Neiman Marcus pastel green retro drip filter coffee maker? Something had to be done. 

Their innate philanthropic nature has always inspired the sisters to serve their community. And now, with many of their own having to relocate to Sansom West, the sorority has taken it upon themselves to fundraise money to purchase better (“more humane” as one of the sisters put it) room decor.  

Rest assured, all furniture and appliances will come from Room&Board, West Elm, and anywhere that isn’t IKEA. You can easily donate to the charitable cause by venoming the handle found on the sisters’ Instagram bingo cards. For each couple hundred you give, it will be equally matched by a sister’s doting parent!