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Path@Penn Is a Convenient, High-Tech, Innovative, Yet Nostalgic Website for All Your Needs


Photo by Pixabay (with edits) // CC 2.0

Path@Penn– I love you. I love your web-design, your labyrinthine tabs,  your convoluted ways. Websites like google.com and yahoo.com never make me think. I just search for what I want, and get a response back within seconds. But with you, it’s like fighting the good fight. I have to know what I want. To find out which introductory course I should take next semester, you require some soul searching. You play hard to get. I like that. 

You’re not like PennInTouch, you’re different. You make me feel ways I’ve never felt with any other course registration website. I yearn for April 18th, the day registration goes live. By then, I hope to have figured out your mysterious ways. Sure, right now, some parts of you are still PennInTouch and sometime this summer you and PennInTouch will merge into one supreme life form. But for now, I love seeing you as you are. Simple, yet sophisticated. 

Let’s not forget about the websites that came before us. Penn InTouch, you are lost, but not forgotten. You have served our community well, but we will always remember you for your kindness. 47 minutes of silence. Thank you. 

My dear lovely Path@Penn (what a gorgeous gorgeous name for an angelic website), I knew from the moment I struggled with your various menus, that this was going to work. I can finally settle down with your upgraded home page. I’m excited to get my registration hold lifted and find out what else the heavenly creation that is Path@Penn has to offer.

If you have yet to experience the overwhelming joy that comes with loading the Path@Penn main page, then you are missing out and I pity you and your family. Drop everything and click here to enter nirvana.