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Maya Kreger


Photo Essay: A Tour of Penn's Campus with Coin for Scale

Now you know how large these buildings are, as well as the color of my nails. 

Ugh! My Nespresso Package Got Stolen From My Off-Campus-Brownstone-Penthouse-Suite Doorstep

Is this some sort of karmic retribution for my entitlement, is the world mocking my self-assuredness, in an attempt to prove me woefully wrong?

Fuck Summer Internships, I Want to Be Remembered for My Art

Internships are seasonal, art is forever.

Faking Interest, 第四个

An advice column about love, life, and rock n’ roll, run by two of the sveltest broads in all of Pennsylvania.

Damn, This Lovely Spring Weather Is Making Me Reflect on the Cyclical Nature of It All

How was your spring equinox? I almost forgot to ask.

Photo Essay: Welcome to My World of Truly Delicious Foods

Buckle up and let's discover some great foods together...

Commons Lowkey Sceney Tonight! I See My One Friend Over There

Soupe du jour? Friendship. 

Faking Interest, Der Dritte

It's About the Journey, Not the Destination: The Construction Outside College Hall is a Blessing in Disguise

Honestly, I'm feeling really optimistic about all this.

OP-ED: I've Been Thinking Recently

Thinking. Pondering. Wondering.

Faking Interest, La Deuxième

An advice column about love, life, and rock n’ roll, run by two of the sveltest broads in all of Pennsylvania. 

601 Reasons Why Doja Cat's "Get Into It (Yuh)" is the Song of the Summer 2022

Spoiler: It's not what you think!

Green Eggs AND Ham, Commons Has Everything Today!

I do not like commons green eggs and ham. I do not like this, Maya I am.

Such Activity! My Roommate Does a Mad Fit Dance Workout While I Lounge Wistfully on the Couch

For now, engaging in a Mad Fit Workout is merely an unattainable dream, one that I reach for, but never quite reach.