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Dear Locust Walk Fruit Man: I Love You


Photo by Francisco Anzola / (CC BY 3.0)

Now that we are all away from home, our Asian parents can no longer express their repressed love for us by bringing us a plate cut fruit after a lengthy and heated argument about affirmative action. Locust fruit man is the closest I can get to that now, and as far as I know, I am unsure of his thoughts on affirmative action. 

I have never seen a rat or mouse at his fruit stand at Locust and 40th, and his blackberries are never hairy, unlike some other food establishments nearby. When I am buying produce from him, I don’t need to type the name of the vegetable into the screen, and he doesn’t yell at me to put my items in the bagging area. The plastic bags he provides are the perfect size for my small trash can in my bathroom.

Locust walk fruit man, you bring me fresh produce and joy and happiness in this dreary world.