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If I’m on the Listserv I Can Put It on My Resume, Right?


Photo by Public Domain Pictures / CC0 1.0

Ah, the club fair. So many different clubs with slightly different names that definitely all do the same thing.

I approach their table. Greet them with a friendly “how do you do?” And ask them what their club is about.  

But each time I leave knowing less about their club than I did before.

All I know about applying to penn clubs is that, for a small town girl like me, it is a humbling experience.

There's more steps than applying to most jobs. First you find yourself at Interest meetings, Coffee chats, 4 rounds of interviews, and before you can say Wendell Pritchett you’re giving a presentation on social impact consulting. This is just what I’ve heard. Freshman fall I got cut from every club immediately.

I am a sophomore now and must start scavenging for summer internships

My previous internship teaching 11 year old country club kids to play tennis won’t cut it for “pre-professional experience”

For the sake of my future, I figured eh why don't I give the club fair another try.

As an IR major who regrets applying to the college instead of wharton, I figured I’d browse some of the business clubs.

Entrepreneurship?… yes.

Finance?... yes.

Consulting?... yes.

Social impact consulting?... even more yes.

So obviously I joined all of the listservs.

I look at my resume.

Job experience: tennis teacher.

Clubs and activities: under the button.

Darn it, this won’t get me that internship at Goldman Sachs.

All hope was lost and then it came to me. Now that I receive emails from the most prestigious finance social impact entrepreneurship tech consulting society on campus, I must be an impressive person.

I'm on the listserve, so I can put it on my resume!


The answer is yes. 

It’s just like what I always say: If Dr Oz can run for senate, then I can make my dreams come true too.