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Don’t Kid Yourself: Stress You Are Currently Experiencing Comparable to Past Years


Photo by threefingeredlord / CC BY-SA 2.0

Come on now, be real: the earth-shattering, world-ending stress you are currently experiencing is pretty much comparable to past years.

Given your workload and the unhealthily high expectations you have for yourself, it comes as no surprise that you would be feeling a bit mentally taxed right about now. But don’t deceive yourself — this isn’t “literally the end of the world” or “my life is over” kinda stuff, this is pretty much what you signed up for and what you keep signing yourself up for time and time again.

I mean, anybody surrounded by rapidly waning career opportunities, declining social mobility, and the steady, gruesome decay of the national ethos would probably feel the same way as you, which essentially means you’re not all that special. To reiterate: the amount of sheer mental anguish and worry about the future you have right now is more or less par for the course, so get off your high horse and deal with it, okay?

Jesus Christ — it’s not like you’re being sent to war or something. You have the privilege of living a relatively normal, safe, and sheltered life, which means getting to choose which illicit psychotropic drug you want to have a mental breakdown to while BROCKHAMPTON plays in the background. Millions of people out there would kill to be in your position, so get out of bed and do something with your life!

Granted, I personally may have grown up sipping mimosas and indulging in platter after platter of sturgeon caviar at a local country club in the Pennsylvanian suburbs, but come on. Even I can see the forest for the trees here, man. Speaking of — why don’t you go smoke for a bit, mmkay? It’ll clear up your mind, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get some perspective on this whole shebang.