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BREAKING: Women of Penn Wet for the First Time in Years


Photo from Pixabay / CC0

One (singular) thought roamed the minds of all women at our school today.

“God, it must have been years since I’ve been this wet…Nothing beyond the first two days of NSO has gotten me to such an extent of… humidity.

Soaking wet… just dripping in sheer wetness on this campus. Wet, on Penn‘s campus, in Philly? You never thought you’d see those words put together. It almost feels like blasphemy. And yet, here it is. Here we all are. Together, on Penn‘s campus, in Philly, and, most importantly, wet. 

What does this teach us about the way of the world, you might wonder? 

Never stop believing — in yourself and in us Quakers as a collective, cohesive and supportive student body. Your deepest, darkest desires might one day come true. And, remember, if those bad hookups couldn’t push you beyond the threshold of moisture — Philly can and Philly will. It is, after all, the city of brotherly love. And a brother always has your back or has you on your back.

Long live brotherly love!