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Thank God! Heat Turned On in Dorms When Temperature Reaches a Nippy 70 Degrees

Credit: Maya Kreger



It’s so effing c-c-c-old in my shared double living space. From my floor-to-ceiling window, I can see the leaves falling as autumn takes full effect. With every leaf that turns orange, the temperature drops precipitously 1 degree Fahrenheit. With the temperature now down to a record low of 70 degrees, and November approaching, it is officially time for the holiday season. Is that a snowflake I see?

Thank god the dorms have deemed it necessary to turn on the heat. My intense shivering has abated and my lips hath returnèd to their natural rosy rosy red. Now I can cease wearing my Canada Goose premium winter wear deluxe jacket to sleep in my spacious, yet compact, Twin XL bed. 

Before the heat was turned on, I had to constantly keep my oven on and open to provide the necessary heat to keep my blood flowing. But thanks to consistent indoor heating, it’s all easy going from now on. 

I’m so cozy and oh so snug now. Bless up for indoor heating. Bless up now. When I get home, you better be blessing up, ok?