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OP-ED: Halloween is Unnecessary, We Already Constantly Live in Fear


Photo by PXHere / CC0 Public Domain

Why do we need a holiday to celebrate fear when, all year round, we are already constantly living in fear? 

Sure, ghosts, zombies and vampires are scary, but wouldn’t we rather face poltergeists and the undead than face loneliness, ostracization, apathy, and disappointed parents? Or even worse yet, not being recruited for an internship?

On most weekends, but especially Halloween weekend, the masses of faceless students gather with friends in houses to jump and scream to coma-inducing music. They are there because they have a fear of missing out. Meanwhile, a lonely scattering of students sit in their dorms and drown in numbers and characters, under fear of letter grades and unemployment.

Truly, we have always lived, and will continue to live, in fear. At least during Halloween, we get to consume some candy while being fearful.