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Pranked Again! Quake Puts Lube in Dinning Hall Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Pexels/Sorapong Chaipanya

Students were shocked last Saturday morning when they realized that the hand sanitizer dispensed in the Commons dinning hall had a slippery, sticky consistency.

"That day it was, well, lube-y," said Nursing sophomore James O'Hara, who uses dinning hall sanitizer regularly.

Under the Button's investigative reporting team found that the hand sanitizer was swapped for water based lube by non other than Quake, Penn's premier publication on bodies, relationships, sex, and love. The magazine, known for printing students' grainy low lit nudes and try hard poetry, is venturing into pranks as performance art.

Janice Shoemaker, College Senior and Quake's editor in chief, granted UTB an exclusive interview about Quake's foray into pranks. "It started during one of our dildo raffles," she said. "Someone was like, why don't we just put vibrators in all the Quad showers. Fun right?! It was a hit, apparently." Shoemaker explained that the pranks are not any attempt at a guerrilla marketing campaign, "It's all about spreading sex positivity."