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OK Boomer! You Remember When Halal Was $5


Photo by Marcos Espinoza / Creative Commons License

With halal prices now at $10, boomers have come out in force to make young Penn students keenly aware that the price used to be $5. 

I was waiting at the halal truck, minding my own business, when an apparent MBA butts in, “did you know halal used to be $5? I miss the days I could get a $5 halal before going to class and licking all the tables, chairs, doorknobs, and power outlets”.

“Certainly,” I reply, “I bet you also miss the days of being able to get a 25 cent ice cream sundae at the drugstore on your way to the draft office.”

There will always be boomers that hark and lecture about the good old days, I just didn’t realize that some of them would be my schoolmates.