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Help :/ I’m Too Petite, I Can’t Reach the Moellis Reading Room Table

Photo (With Edits) by Marguerite F. Miller

Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((. ?

I’m actually, like, really sad. This is a matter of utmost concern. A matter causing heaving distress to me personally and my fellow short and mostly non-eurocentric featured fellows (yes the Moellis Reading room has racial biases lets stop lying).

I need you to visualize this. You know what visualizing is right? In case you don’t, basically just imagine that what I’m about to describe is a tragic event about to befall you. My legs literally dangle and swing from the chair. Alas this is my reality, one that I relive every time I walk into the glass house of the Moelis Reading Room.

I pull out my iPad (Apple Pencil Attached to the Side) and prepare to annotate the myriad of readings assigned to me on week 2. Setting my iPad onto the table, I enter the workflow state. BUT. I genuinely cannot reach the table. Like I have to raise my arms rather than letting them rest on the table gracefully. Its like an eternal shoulder press, like holding the weight of the world – nay, this campus and all its ugliness, all its ebb and flow – on my shoulders. 

I Need Your Help.

Please release me (us) from my (our) burdens. Please dm me if you've experienced similar issues with the Moelis Reading room tables, and perhaps we'll be able to import tables from Huntsman.