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How to Gently Tell Your Friend That All Sororities Are the Same Tier in the Eyes of God


Photo from Unsplash with edits by Megan Striff-Cave / Public Domain

Joining a sorority can seem like one of the most important decisions you will make during your time in college. Your friends might think that it dictates where they are situated in the social fabric, that it shapes who is a part of their world, that it cements how they will be perceived by all. 

Well, almost all. 

If your friends have fallen victim to this method of thinking, it might be worth reminding them that a special someone does not care which sorority they are in. That's right — it's God. 

Newsflash: “Tri Delt vs. Theta” does not matter on Judgement Day.  Tell your friends to worry not, for it is not a sin (nor a virtue) to “go rogue.” Let them know that when they stand before the Lord, He will not care that they were “Rush Chair” of “Chi Omega.” He doesn’t know what that is. When you knock on the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven, He will not judge you based on your sorority, but on your character.

 He does, however, consider your membership in ILMUNC, the Philomathean Society, and Penn Democrats.